Focused on unique residential developments, exclusive in scale but realistic in price, Caplands Group is committed to every step of their residential projects!

Michael, the owner, takes a hands on approach to every element that creates your new home or investment property. The fundamentals are simple, create each new home in a location, to a design and quality that Michael would want to own himself!

Caplands Group takes a less conventional approach to this style of residential development when compared to most project builders. It is not about the rate per metre for the supply of the material or the minimum needed to sell a property, Michael wants purchasers to be pleasantly surprised and impressed when your new keys are handed over on settlement day.

Your buying experience via Caplands Group is exclusively with Michael. This means you can ask any question and get a detailed response directly from Michael himself, the supplier or the trade doing the work and this is available before, during and after the build process!

Caplands Group would love to talk with you about Tempo Beachside Apartments, please feel free to call or email to discuss opportunities at this amazing location.

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